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Melissa Hellmann

I’m a Seattle-based reporter who covers politics, law, health, education, and social justice issues. Although my reporting interests vary, I like to write character-driven stories that illuminate policies. I’m a deeply curious person with a knack for incorporating intricate details into my articles.

As a woman of color who has reported globally, my multicultural perspective grants me access to underrepresented communities everywhere I live. Over the past six years, I’ve written about domestic and international news for a range of publications including YES! Magazine, The Associated Press, TIME, The Christian Science Monitor, NPR, Time Out, SF Weekly, SF Business Times and many others.

I’m also a graduate of U.C. Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, where I focused on long-form writing and honing my multimedia skills.

When I’m not typing away, you can catch me hiking, painting, doing improv comedy and exploring quirky towns.