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SWLogoThe Bare Bones of Angel Olsen

Seattle Weekly


An interview with the reflective singer-songwriter ahead of her Seattle show. 



YES!LogoFor All the Single Ladies Not Ready to Have Babies, Here’s an Option

YES! Magazine


A personal essay about delaying parenthood and an exploration of my reproductive options. 

YES!LogoWhat Reproductive Rights Advocates Can Learn From Texas (Yes, Texas)

YES! Magazine


In these times when reproductive rights are on the line, it’s useful to observe how folks in states like Texas are responding—and have been responding for years—to infringements on their civil rights. 

YES!Logo6 Ways to Take Action in the Calm Before the Trump

YES! Magazine


If you think Trump is all talk, consider this: Research shows past presidents have accomplished about 75 percent of what they promised to do during their campaigns.

YES!LogoWhat Standing Rock Tells Us About Civil Disobedience

YES! Magazine


The militarized response to communities of color signals a possible double standard in law enforcement’s acceptance of civil disobedience.

YES!LogoNational Prison Strike Exposes Need for Labor Rights Behind Bars

YES! Magazine


At 29 prisons, thousands of inmates have stopped work to protest unfair labor practices. So where are the unions?

img_0100In Baltimore, I Found a City Taking Progress Into Its Own Hands

YES! Magazine


“Conversations have changed. The structure of power has not. And that’s where we are today.”

SFWeeklyCom_copySan Francisco Uses Valentine’s Day to Draw Attention to Sexual Abuse Against Women

SF Weekly


For the second year in a row, city leaders will welcome “One Billion Rising for Justice Day,” a global campaign spanning 207 countries that raises awareness of domestic and sexual abuse against women. 

SFWeeklyCom_copyE-Cigarettes Promote Nicotine Addiction Among Youth, Study Says

SF Weekly


It seems that everywhere you turn now, someone has an e-cigarette dangling from their mouth — whether you’re at the bar or on your lunch break at work. While manufacturers claim these electronic stogies help people kick the habit of smoking cigarettes, a UC San Francisco study released today finds just the opposite.

SFWeeklyCom_copyDo You Have the Urge to Rappel 230 Feet From the Hyatt Regency Hotel?

SF Weekly


It’s not news that homelessness is a dilemma throughout the country, especially rampant in San Francisco, thanks to the high cost of living.

SFWeeklyCom_copySenator Bob Huff Introduces Resolution Calling for Leland Yee’s Suspension

SF Weekly


Since Sen. Leland Yee is refusing to resign from the Senate, his fellow lawmakers have gone ahead and drawn up a resolution of their own calling for Yee’s suspension from office.

SFWeeklyCom_copyBay Area Company Allows Local Businesses to Thrive Through E-Shopping

SF Weekly


Small businesses, one sector that was greatly affected by the recession, have had to find creative ways to compete with the big guys who can afford to use technology to promote their company or offer deals to draw in customers. Thus, many small businesses in San Francisco have been struggling to stay afloat.

SFWeeklyCom_copyUnion Workers Rally at City Hall, Invite Mayor Ed Lee to “Worker Wednesdays”

SF Weekly


Larry Bradshaw, vice president of SEIU Local 1021, says today’s group will confront the Mayor and the Board of Supervisor’s Finance Budget Committee as they meet to discuss city finances. “We want to hold the Board of Supervisors accountable,” says Bradshaw.

SFWeeklyCom_copyThousands Mourn Sgt. Tom Smith, BART Cop Killed by Friendly Fire

SF Weekly


Smith was killed last Tuesday by Officer Michael Maes in an accidental shooting; the two plainclothes detectives had entered an apartment, guns drawn, looking for laptops and other items that had been stolen during a string of armed robberies on BART property. For reasons that aren’t yet clear, Maes pulled the trigger, accidentally killing Smith.

SFWeeklyCom_copyArt on BART Replaces Ads With Art- SF Weekly

SF Weekly


In our digital age, people sometimes lose sight of the beauty surrounding them and rarely take time to discover uncharted territories. WanderArt is a new start up, based in San Francisco, that attempts to bridge the gap between technology and discovery. The start up aims to expose public art that often goes overlooked, making it accessible to everyone with a phone or computer.